What Does QQ Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Have you been seeing “QQ” in the gaming community and are shy to ask what it means? Don’t worry! You can find out the meaning of QQ here with us. Read the definition and some examples of how QQ is used in a conversation below.

What does QQ Mean in Gaming?

QQ is an emoticon that shows a person is “crying”. This could mean that a person is sad about losing a game or is upset over something. QQ is a common emoticon both in-game and in forums. 

Alternative Meanings

QQ is also used to taunt a gamer who is weak or new to a game to cry because they lack skills.

Examples of QQ in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Darren – I suck at this game! QQ
  • Bea – Just practice more, you’ll do great!

Example 2

  • Rollie – Is that all you can do? QQ
  • Clarence – I told you I’m new here!

Example 3

  • Jean – Another loss! QQ
  • Aaron – That team is skilled. We couldn’t have done anything else.

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