What Does Raging Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Anyone in the gaming world has heard of the term “raging.” But, if you are unsure of what it really means, you can have a look at its definition below. We also included a few sample sentences of how “raging” is used in a sentence.

What does Raging Mean in Gaming?

When a game is raging, he or she suddenly abandons a game in a fit of anger or frustration. Most times, raging gamers are about to lose and are too invested in the game to play cool. A raging gamer suddenly unplugs the console or worse, throws the component because of anger.

Alternative Meanings

Raging does not have any other meaning in the gaming universe.

Examples of Raging in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Marty – Why are you raging? Do you know how much this console costs?!
  • Dianne – I’m sorry, I got really frustrated that I lost.

Example 2

  • Hendrick – Let’s start the game. Nobody rage, okay?
  • Demi – Got it. lol

Example 3

  • Zola – Let’s not forget to play cool in today’s tournament.
  • Keith – Understood. No raging, team!

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