What Does RDM Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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Have you heard of RDM being talked about in online gaming communities but you are unfamiliar with it? Don’t worry; you can learn about what RDM means below. This way, you won’t be left out in conversations about RDM anymore.

What does RDM Mean in Gaming?

RDM means “Random DeathMatch”. This action is done when a person randomly kills an opponent or any random bystanders in an online game. The killings are done without any valid reason. You’ll see RDM in games like GTA.

Alternative Meanings

RDM has no other meaning in the online gaming world.

Examples of RDM in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Rachel – Why are RDM-ing?
  •  Margo – Coz I’m bored of this game.

Example 2

  • Gary – Look at that player. He’s going rogue lol
  • Chris – He just RDMed me. What’s up with him?

Example 3

  • Liam – I don’t know what RDM is allowed. It’s irritating.
  • Delvin – I know, right? Respawning is not an easy task!

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