What Does RIP Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

A long, long time ago, RIP is only used when a person dies. But today, it is used as gaming slang as well. But, why is it used as gaming slang and how do gamers use this term in a sentence? You can find out below!

What does RIP Mean in Gaming?

RIP means “Rest in Peace”. This term is used as a sign of respect for those who passed away. This term is also used the same way in the gaming community but is used when a character dies. 

Alternative Meanings

RIP is also used on the following:

  • When a gamer is away.
  • When a person is trolling someone while in-game.

Examples of RIP in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Greg – RIP to your character. lol
  • Lou – Let’s play another round and I’ll show you how to play!

Example 2

  • Macy – Ha, weak! rip
  • Carmen – I wasn’t ready!

Example 3

  • Ella – What happened to your character? rip
  • Flint – I did not see the opponent behind me.

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