What Does RMB Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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If it’s your first time in the gaming world, you know how many terms and slang gamers and streamers use every day. So, if you are overwhelmed but want to learn about the terms used in the gaming community let’s start with RMB. 

What does RMB Mean in Gaming?

RMB means “right mouse buttons” and is what we always use when clicking or moving our mouse on the screen. RMB is one of the mods in playing a game like WASD. these mods depend on the gamer and whichever he or she is most comfortable using.

Alternative Meanings

RMB only means “Right Mouse Button.”

Examples of RMB in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Frank – I use RMB. It seems easier for me.
  • Blake – I can’t quite grasp RMB. lol

Example 2

  • Jonathan – Good thing you’re comfortable with RMB cause I have a hard time.
  • Amber – You’ll get it, just practice.

Example 3

  • Edd – How do you do that with this game?
  • John – Oh, RMB? It’s easy but you’ll need to practice.

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