What Does RPG Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Do you want to know what RPG means? Are you new to online gaming and want to learn the ropes in the community? Don’t worry! We’re here to provide the meaning of RPG and even add a few examples to show you how it’s used in a sentence!

What does RPG Mean in Gaming?

In gaming, RPG means “role-playing game”. RPG is a genre of video games where you get to choose a character you’ll play. You can then customize your character, improve your skillset, and upgrade your weapons.

Alternative Meanings


Maybe you’ll come across RPG in one of the games but it is used in a different setting, so here is another meaning of RPG:


Examples of RPG in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Chad – Wanna play RPG?
  • Nathan – Sure, but I get to choose first.

Example 2

  • Ally 1 – Wow! I got a free upgrade for my character!.
  • Ally 2 – Me too! It’s why I love playing RPG.

Example 3

  • Amy – Hey, Rick. Let’s play RPG at my house after school.
  • Rick – Sure!

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