What Does RTX Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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Are gamers in your online community gushing over RTX? Do you want to be let in the conversation? If you don’t know what RTX means, we provided the definition for you below.

What does RTX Mean in Gaming?

RTX or Ray Tracing Texel Extreme is a video card for a computer that upgrades the display. If gamers want the highest definition display image, they invest in RTX to do the job. The video card is also used in architecture, medicine, and more.

Alternative Meanings

  • RTX only means Ray Tracing Texel Extreme.

Examples of RTX in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Hazel – I wanna build a computer with RTX.
  • Bell – The visuals on that would be so dope.

Example 2

  • Gustave – How much do you think RTX costs?
  • Hank– I think it’s really expensive.

Example 3

  • Ronny – You already bought an RTX? That’s sick, bro!
  • Eduard – Let’s try it out.

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