What Does Sadge Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Many ask, what is sadge? So, we have the meaning for you here. We’ll help you navigate the ever-confusing gaming world, one slang at a time. We also provided you with examples so you can also use sadge in your next conversation.

What does Sadge Mean in Gaming?

The word sadge is used in the Twitch community to express sadness or disappointment. The term is also accompanied by an emoticon of a sad frog. This is a newer word compared to other commonly used slang in Twitch, but it is slowly getting the recognition it deserves.

Alternative Meanings

Sadge is also used as sarcastic slang or for the show of having empathy. You may “feel” sad towards a gamer you just defeated, but in reality, you are enjoying the victory.

Examples of Sadge in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Chad – Did you lose again?
  • Anne – I did. sadge

Example 2

  • Louis – What a stupid game! sadge
  • Luther – We’ll defeat them next time.

Example 3

  • Cody – What happened to you in the arena?
  • Dan – I got defeated over and over again. sadge

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