What Does SBMM Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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Have you heard about SBMM? This term has been used in online gaming for years. But, if you’re new to the abbreviation, then we’ll help you learn it today. Below, you’ll find its meaning and some examples.

What does SBMM Mean in Gaming?

SBMM stands for “skill-based matchmaking”. This kind of play has been controversial for some time now and is referred to as how the game chooses opponents based on the skills that each player has. Most games use location and internet speed to find matches, which is why some gamers do not prefer this kind of matchmaking process.

Alternative Meanings

  • There are no other definitions of SBMM in the gaming community.

Examples of SBMM in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Bianca – This game is SBMM.
  • Andrea – Let’s just try anyway.

Example 2

  • Clarence – What’s the matchmaking process in the game you’re playing?
  • Chuck – It’s SBMM.

Example 3

  • Gamer 1 – How could this possibly be an SBMM game? You don’t even match my skills!
  • Gamer 2 – Don’t be too confident. We’re just starting.

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