What Does Smurf Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Are you curious to know what smurf means in online gaming? We know the small blue people are not what gamers are talking about. So, we deciphered the meaning for you and listed a few examples to help you understand how it’s used online.

What does Smurf Mean in Gaming?

Smurf in the gaming community is a person who has a high-ranking account but creates another one to play with other gamers below his or her rank. Sometimes, this is done to feed the ego of the player or is also done to practice his or her skills.

Alternative Meanings

On the other hand, another meaning of smurf or “smurfing” is to avoid playing with a player with a higher skill set than you.

Examples of Smurf in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Kevin – Did you know that Matthew is a smurf?
  • James – What? Why would he want to do that?

Example 2

  • Mike – I know this player is a smurf.
  • Fred – Yeah, he acts like a noob but is totally not!

Example 3

  • Friend A – Are you a smurf? I know how you play!
  • Friend B – Okay, you caught me! But, it’s just for fun.

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