What Does Sweats Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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Do you want to know why everyone talks about sweats in the online community? Although sweats might sound gross, it has a different meaning in the gaming universe. Learn its definition below!

What do Sweats Mean in Gaming?

Sweats is a way of manipulating matchmaking strategies of an online game to ensure you get to play with the team you choose and an opponent of your liking. Most players that use sweats are the best players and are using this strategy to be better or to pass the time.

Alternative Meanings

Sweats only mean one thing in the online gaming community.

Examples of Sweats in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Macy – I heard the top players are planning sweats.
  • Nelly – Great for them, then! lol

Example 2

  • Norman – Care to join my sweats?
  • Isaac – Sure! Thanks, bro.

Example 3

  • Leah – How do they do sweats?

Camille – I don’t know. Must be a top player thing.

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