What Does Trolling Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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Have you seen a gamer call another gamer a troll or accuse someone of trolling? If you are confused and want to know more about trolling, you can find the definition of the gaming slang below, together with a few examples.


What does Trolling Mean in Gaming?

Trolling is the act of attacking another gamer for no valid reason. Trolls are gamers who want to destroy a person’s game experience just because they feel like it. These people are what gamers refer to as “sensation seeking” or “interaction seeking.”

Alternative Meanings

Trolling only has one meaning in the gaming community.

Examples of Trolling in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Cami – Stop trolling or you’ll get kicked out!
  • Glen – Sorry, I was just joking.

Example 2

  • Ryan – This player keeps trolling me. 
  • Dale – Let’s teach that player a lesson.

Example 3

  • Justine – Hey, what’s happening?
  • Miles – This guy cannot stop trolling, so I’m reporting him.

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