What Does Val Mean in Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

If you notice many gamers talking about “Val” but you are not sure what it means, we can help you understand it. So, you can find the definition o the gaming slang “Val” below, together with a few examples.

What does Val Mean in Gaming?

A “Val” gamer is an elite gamer with the highest stats, equipment, and skills. This gamer also uses the assault rifle “as Val”, hence, the name. Val gamers are hardcore gamers who always win any match.

Alternative Meanings

“Val” does not have any other meaning in the gaming community.

Examples of Val in Gaming

Example 1

  • Edward – I got teamed up with a Val.
  • Zach – Woah, you definitely won, did you?

Example 2

  • Vanessa – I wanna have everything a Val gamer has. 
  • Timmy – Same here!

Example 3

  • Joey – A Val just killed me!
  • Rami – They should not have put a Val in the match.

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