What Does Vanilla Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Vanilla sounds more like a dessert than gaming slang, right? So, why are people using this term? If you wish to find out why and how vanilla is used in the gaming community, read its definition below.

What does Vanilla Mean in Gaming?

Vanilla is used to describe a basic game. These games were released years ago and have the latest versions with more updates. Therefore, the basic game is called vanilla or plain. But, many gamers choose the vanilla version of games, especially when there are too many updates and modifications on the latest version.

Alternative Meanings

There are no other meanings for vanilla in the gaming community.

Examples of Vanilla in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Kent – Why are you playing the vanilla version?
  • Joy – I like to come back to this version once in a while.

Example 2

  • Miguel – I like the vanilla version better.
  • Leonard – I know! These mods are overwhelming and unnecessary.

Example 3

  • Jess – I don’t understand this game mod.

Anne – Try the vanilla, bro. I hear it’s still the best version of the game.

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