What Does Wager 30 Times Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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Are you wondering why players are talking about “wager 30 times” in games or in forums? If you want to know more about what this term means, you can find the definition below. You can also find some examples we provided.

What does Wager 30 Times Mean in Gaming?

When a gamer says “wager 30 times,” he or she means that he or she is willing to gamble 30 times the amount without assurance of withdrawing the amount or the winnings he or she will get from betting 30 times over. 

Alternative Meanings

The term “wager 30 times” does not have any other meaning in the gaming industry.

Examples of Wager 30 Times in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Cody – I’ll wager 30 times.
  • Tom – Woah, I think that’s too much.

Example 2

  • Erin – I’m confident enough to wager 30 times.
  • Dwight – Fine by me. Can’t say I did not warn you.

Example 3

  • Solomon – Just wager 30 times. I know you’ll win.
  • Regan – But what if I lose?

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