What Does WB Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Have you noticed the acronym WB used in the gaming community? If you are new to gaming, you might be wondering what WB means. Therefore, we have the definition of the acronym below.

What does WB Mean in Gaming?

WB means “welcome back”. It is just like any other greeting when welcoming back a player online. But, since it is hard to type all the letters on the chat box while playing, gamers use WB to abbreviate the greeting.

Alternative Meanings

WB can also mean:

  • War Base
  • Weapon Block
  • Wall Breakers

Examples of WB in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Noel – Just got back from AFK. What’s going on?
  • Patrick – Hey, bro. Wb. Let’s play.

Example 2

  • AJ – WB. Wanna join the tournament?
  • Adam – Sure, where do I join?

Example 3

  • Neil – My internet connection was lost for a minute. I’m online now.
  • Samson – WB, man. 

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