What Does Whale Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Are you confused about why there is a whale in online gaming? A whale in online gaming is not the same as an animal in the ocean. To know what a whale in gaming is, read its definition below.

What does Whale Mean in Gaming?

A whale is a person who spends hundreds and thousands of dollars on a game. These people are the most dedicated players and are also the top players because they can afford to buy skills and equipment to make their characters the strongest. 

Alternative Meanings


There are no other meanings for the term whale in the gaming communities.


Examples of Whale in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Bon – You’re a whale, man. You don’t even have to spend to play this game.
  • Mark – My money, my choice, bro.

Example 2

  • Ryle – Why do you keep spending money on this game? You’re a whale.
  • Dianne – I enjoy this game and I can afford to spend money here. lol

Example 3

  • Sig – Bro, John is a whale on this new mobile game.
  • Jona – Wow! Hope I could spend money on a game. lol

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