What Does WP Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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Are you tired of guessing what acronyms in the gaming world mean? Don’t worry; we too want to help you learn about them. Let’s learn about WP and what it means, and learn about how it is used with the examples we provide.

What does WP Mean in Gaming?

WP is an acronym for “well played”. It is an expression you give or receive when you are happy with the game you played and both teams are on good terms. It is a way to congratulate a person for a great gaming experience. 

Alternative Meanings

In gaming, WP is not only used as a greeting. There are also some other meanings to this acronym.

  • War Points – points you get when you play military or war-like online games.
  • Weak Pass – a password that a computer or human can easily guess. This kind of password is often not accepted and the computer will ask you to change it.

Examples of WP in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Player 1 – Nice game!
  • Player 2 – You too. WP.

Example 2

  • Seth – Dude, that was a sick move. WP!
  • Ryan – Thanks, dude!

Example 3

  • Justin – Great game!
  • Jess – Same. WP!

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