What Does zzz Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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What is zzz? If you are new to playing online games and want to know why you see “zzz” when playing or in forums, you can find the answer below. We provided the meaning of “zzz” in gaming along with some examples.

What does zzz Mean in Gaming?

When you see “zzz”, a player is telling others he is bored or tired in dealing with stupid crap that other gamers are showing while playing. O, if a teammate made a stupid move and you see “zzz” on screen, one or more team members are not happy with what he or she did. 

Alternative Meanings

  • Zzz does not have any alternative meaning in the gaming universe.

Examples of zzz in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Quincey – That was stupid! zzz
  • Elias – Sorry!

Example 2

  • Elijah – Just stop, please? zzz
  • Noah – I thought I was helping, sorry!

Example 3

  • Henley – zzz
  • Dawson – What did I do?!

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