What Is Tea In Slang? (DEFINED)

What does tea mean in slang?

Tea is a slang word that has several meanings. In the United States, it is often used as a slang term for marijuana or other drugs. One also hears of ‘the company’s tea’ – meaning the most powerful people in an organization. In this sense, one can tell that ‘Mary is higher up on the food chain than Dave.

Mary is the company’s tea.’

In Great Britain, it means ‘information’ or ‘the inside scoop’.

In London, a “cream tea” is a cup of hot tea with scones and cream. This term may have originated because this was a favorite drink of the aristocracy during the Victorian era. A high tea often refers to a light meal at five or six in the evening.

However, this term has fallen out of favor in recent years and it is now much more common to hear “high tea” used when talking about a very fancy afternoon party that includes desserts and finger foods such as cucumber sandwiches.

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