What Is Yams In Slang? (DEFINED)

Yams is another word for sweet potatoes, but we’re not talking about Thanksgiving sweet potato pie here. In this case, colloquially, yams refer to a) a woman’s ass cheeks or buttocks, usually referenced as a compliment for those ladies who have larger bums, thighs, and sometimes tits, or b) drugs, particularly cocaine.

Notably, in certain cultures, the expression yams are used between men complimenting a woman.

For example,

  1. Those yams of hers are sweet, she shook them like a pro on the dance floor, and I couldn’t look away.

OR; Those shorts make her yams look smokin’.

  1. This party is dope, but some yams will kick it up a notch.

OR; I got two yams down the street.

Using yams in a sentence is uncomplicated and often accompanied by other slang terms. The slang meaning of the phrase yams is not likely to be understood outside the United States, though rap artists use the expression readily in their music.

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