Woke Slang: Meaning, Origin, Sentence Examples

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(Adjective) Woke is an adjective that describes a person who is knowledgeable about the issues, mostly political, in his or her community and does something to address the issue and make his or her community a better place.


Before “woke” became Gen Z slang, it traced back to the 1930s. It is part of African-American Vernacular English.

Demographic (Who Uses This Word)

Today, woke is a popular and commonly used slang because the younger generations are more confident in voicing their concerns, taking action, and ensuring that the government can see that they are taking the initiative. 

Woke Used in a Sentence

  • Example 1: You need to be woke. You can’t always turn a blind eye!
  • Example 2: I love that our circle is woke. Let’s fight for what’s right!

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