Top 68 Words That Rhyme with Ack (With Meanings)

Written by Gabriel Cruz - Foodie, Animal Lover, Slang & Language Enthusiast

This post contains our favorite combination of "perfect rhymes" and "near rhymes". Near rhymes are words you may have to stretch or exaggerate for songwriting and poems.

Welcome to this guide on the best words that rhyme with ack!

Here you’ll find the top 68 words and phrases for rhyming the word ‘ack’.

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Words That Rhyme With Ack

  • Aback – Caught off guard or surprised.
  • Alk – A Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian word for an alcoholic beverage distilled from dates or other fruits.
  • Almanac – A yearly publication that includes a calendar, weather forecasts, astronomical data, and other information.
  • Amnesiac – Someone who has lost their memory or is unable to remember things.
  • Anorak – A type of jacket with a hood, typically worn in cold weather.
  • Applejack – An alcoholic beverage made from fermented and distilled apple cider.
  • Attack – A violent or aggressive action directed towards someone or something.
  • Back – The rear surface of the human body from the shoulders to the hips.
  • Black – A dark color that absorbs all light and is the absence of color.
  • Cardiac – Relating to the heart or cardiovascular system.
  • Clack – A sharp, abrupt sound made by two hard objects striking each other.
  • Claque – A group of people who are hired to applaud at a performance or event.
  • Counterattack – An attack made in response to an enemy’s attack.
  • Crack – A sudden, sharp sound or a break or split in something hard.
  • Crackerjack – Excellent or outstanding.
  • Demoniac – Possessed by a demon or evil spirit.
  • Elegiac – Mournful or sorrowful, especially relating to a poem or literary work that mourns the dead.
  • Fac – A French word for the face or surface of something.
  • Flack – A press agent or publicity agent who works to promote someone or something.
  • Flak – Anti-aircraft fire or criticism or opposition, especially from someone in authority.
  • Gunnysack – A large bag made of burlap or coarse woven material.
  • Hardtack – A type of hard, dry biscuit or cracker, often used as a staple food for soldiers or sailors.
  • Haversack – A type of bag that is worn over one shoulder and used to carry food, clothing, or other supplies.
  • Highjack – To seize control of a vehicle, especially an airplane, by force or threat.
  • Insomniac – Someone who has difficulty sleeping or suffers from chronic insomnia.
  • Ipecac – A substance used to induce vomiting or relieve nausea.
  • Jack – A mechanical device used to lift heavy objects or a playing card with a picture of a knave or servant.
  • Knack – A talent or skill, especially one that comes easily or naturally.
  • Lac – A resinous substance secreted by the lac insect and used to make shellac.
  • Lack – The absence or shortage of something, especially something essential or desirable.
  • Lumberjack – A person who works in the logging industry, cutting down trees and preparing timber.
  • Mak – A Scottish word meaning to make or create.
  • Maniac – Someone who exhibits extreme or erratic behavior, often associated with mental illness.
  • Megalomaniac – Someone who is obsessed with power or greatness, often to the point of delusion or mental illness.
  • Mudpack – A facial treatment made from clay or mud, used to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin.
  • Nymphomaniac – A woman who has an excessive or compulsive desire for sexual activity.
  • Pack – A group of items wrapped or bound together for ease of transport or storage.
  • Paperback – A book with a flexible paper cover, often less expensive than a hardcover edition.
  • Piggyback – To carry someone on one’s back, with the rider’s arms around the carrier’s neck.
  • Plaque – A flat, thin piece of metal or other material used for decoration or as a commemorative marker.
  • Quack – A person who pretends to have medical or other expertise without proper training or credentials.
  • Quarterback – The position in American football responsible for directing the team’s offensive plays and throwing the ball.
  • Rack – A framework or support for holding, displaying, or storing items.
  • Razorback – A type of feral pig found in the southeastern United States, named for its razor-like back hair.
  • Repack – To pack something again, often in a different container or configuration.
  • Rickrack – A type of narrow, zigzag-shaped ribbon used for decorative purposes.
  • Sac – A pouch or bag, often made of cloth or leather.
  • Sack – A large bag or pouch used for carrying goods or materials.
  • Shack – A simple, often crude, and temporary dwelling or shelter.
  • Shellac – A type of varnish made from the secretions of the lac insect, used to seal and protect wood and other surfaces.
  • Skyjack – To hijack an airplane or other aircraft while it is in flight.
  • Slack – Lacking in tension, firmness, or intensity, often used to describe loose or relaxed clothing.
  • Smack – A sharp, resounding blow or a slang term for heroin or other drugs.
  • Snack – A small amount of food eaten between meals, often as a quick and convenient source of energy.
  • Stack – A pile or heap of objects, often arranged in a neat and orderly manner.
  • Steeplejack – A person who climbs and repairs steeples, chimneys, and other tall structures.
  • Stickleback – A type of small, freshwater fish with sharp spines on its back.
  • Tack – A small, sharp, pointed nail or pin used to fasten or attach objects.
  • Tak – A Scottish word meaning to take or seize.
  • Thumbtack – A short, sharp nail with a flat, wide head, often used for attaching paper or posters to a wall.
  • Track – A path or trail, often marked or designated for a particular purpose, such as transportation or athletics.
  • Unpack – To remove items from a container or packaging, often in preparation for use or storage.
  • Wack – Slang for crazy, foolish, or ridiculous.
  • Whack – To strike forcefully with a sharp blow, often with a hand or an object.
  • Wrack – A type of seaweed or kelp found on rocky shores and in shallow waters.
  • Yack – To talk incessantly or at length, often in a rambling or aimless manner.
  • Yak – A large, shaggy-haired bovine found in the Himalayan region, often domesticated for milk, meat, and transportation.
  • Zodiac – An astrological system that divides the sky into twelve sections or signs, each associated with particular personality traits and characteristics.