Words That Rhyme with Advent (100 Handpicked Rhymes & Phrases)

Welcome to this guide on the best words that rhyme with advent!

Here you’ll find the top 100 words and phrases for rhyming the word ‘advent’ in a poem or song lyrics.

You’ll also find some example lyrics that incorporate rhymes of the word advent.

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Words That Rhyme With Advent

  1. accent
  2. absent
  3. adolescent
  4. affluent
  5. agrarian
  6. alignment
  7. amendment
  8. ardent
  9. argument
  10. arrangement
  11. ascendant
  12. assignment
  13. augmentation
  14. basement
  15. battlement
  16. benevolent
  17. blazonment
  18. clement
  19. complement
  20. consequent
  21. content
  22. contingent
  23. convenient
  24. covenant
  25. dependent
  26. development
  27. different
  28. efficient
  29. eminent
  30. equivalent
  31. evident
  32. experiment
  33. extravagant
  34. fervent
  35. fluent
  36. fundament
  37. garment
  38. impudent
  39. innocent
  40. insolent
  41. malcontent
  42. monument
  43. negligent
  44. ornament
  45. penitent
  46. prevalent
  47. regiment
  48. resident
  49. sentiment
  50. testament

Phrases That Rhyme With Advent

  1. A new event
  2. A moment to be spent
  3. A season well-spent
  4. A time well-represented
  5. A day well-meant
  6. A way to augment
  7. A chance to reinvent
  8. An ascent to cement
  9. A fresh commencement
  10. A goal to implement
  11. A step to circumvent
  12. A time to be present
  13. An opportunity to prevent
  14. A time to be content
  15. An attempt to invent
  16. A path to circumvent
  17. A phase to repent
  18. A moment well-spent
  19. A day to lament
  20. A chance to ferment
  21. An experience to represent
  22. A lesson to circumvent
  23. A plan to supplement
  24. A period to document
  25. A season to implement
  26. A chance to lament
  27. A way to circumvent
  28. A moment to relent
  29. A new supplement
  30. A time to reinvent
  31. An opportunity well-spent
  32. A day to be content
  33. A step to implement
  34. A chance to repent
  35. A moment to present
  36. A way to prevent
  37. A phase to implement
  38. A chance to invent
  39. A time to supplement
  40. A path to circumvent
  41. A moment to represent
  42. A goal to complement
  43. A chance to experiment
  44. A way to supplement
  45. A step to complement
  46. A moment to lament
  47. A season to document
  48. A time to invent
  49. A period to prevent
  50. A chance to reinvent

Example Poem/Song Using Advent

In this new advent, Let’s take a moment to be present, To reflect on all that’s been well-spent, And to plan for what’s yet to be augment.

It’s a chance to circumvent, The things we wish to prevent, And to pursue the things we represent, In this time of new commencement.

So let’s seize this moment to reinvent, To take steps that will circumvent, The obstacles that would otherwise prevent, Us from reaching the goals we wish to implement.

This season of advent, Is a time to supplement, Our lives with experiences well-represented, And to embrace the lessons to be learned and documented.