Words That Rhyme with Wiz (100 Handpicked Rhymes & Phrases)

Welcome to this guide on the best words that rhyme with wiz!

Here you’ll find the top 100 words and phrases for rhyming the word ‘wiz’ in a poem or song lyrics.

You’ll also find some example lyrics that incorporate rhymes of the word wiz.

Pretty cool huh?

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Words That Rhyme With Wiz

  1. Fizz
  2. Quiz
  3. Biz
  4. Riz
  5. Tiz
  6. Miz
  7. Whiz
  8. Fiz
  9. Liz
  10. Gizz
  11. Chiz
  12. Sizz
  13. Blizz
  14. Drizz
  15. Frizz
  16. Grizz
  17. Hizz
  18. Jizz
  19. Klutz
  20. Niz
  21. Piz
  22. Shiz
  23. Skitz
  24. Sliz
  25. Sniz
  26. Spiz
  27. Swizz
  28. Tizz
  29. Twizz
  30. Wizz
  31. Yiz
  32. Zizz
  33. Snazz
  34. Bizz
  35. Glitz
  36. Schnitz
  37. Blitz
  38. Bitz
  39. Fritz
  40. Niblicks
  41. Pizz
  42. Razzmatazz
  43. Schizz
  44. Snick
  45. Snickfritz
  46. Smit
  47. Stizz
  48. Tschitsch
  49. Whizz
  50. Zebec

Phrases That Rhyme With Wiz

  1. Busy as a bee’s
  2. Whizzing around like a bee
  3. Dizzy with the fizz
  4. Quiz show wizard
  5. In a tizzy over the quiz
  6. Whizzing by in a flash
  7. The wiz kid of the group
  8. Biz with a twist
  9. Riz with the fizz
  10. A whiz with the biz
  11. Like a whiz through the maze
  12. Tiz the season to be jolly
  13. Miz with a hiss
  14. Whiz kid on the court
  15. The wizard of Oz
  16. Fizz with a pop
  17. Quiz master of the game
  18. Biz as usual
  19. Tiz the night before Christmas
  20. Riz with a lisp
  21. Whiz by in a hurry
  22. Getting busy with the fizzy
  23. Miz with a quiz
  24. The whiz behind the scenes
  25. Busy as a fizzing soda
  26. The wiz with the gift of gab
  27. Biz on the rise
  28. Riz with the jizz
  29. Whiz kid on the block
  30. Fizz with a burst
  31. Quiz whiz of the year
  32. Tiz the moment we’ve been waiting for
  33. Miz with a twist
  34. Whiz past the finish line
  35. Biz and pleasure
  36. Riz with the grizz
  37. Fizzing with excitement
  38. Quiz mastermind
  39. Whiz through the obstacles
  40. Tiz a pleasure to meet you
  41. Miz with the quiz show answers
  42. The wiz with the words
  43. Biz with a kick
  44. Riz with a quiz
  45. Whiz through the competition
  46. Fizz with a buzz
  47. Quiz champion of the world
  48. Tiz the time of our lives
  49. Miz with a whiz
  50. Whiz kid on the rise

Example Poem/Song Using Wiz

In the world of magic, there’s one who’s so grand, A wizard so wondrous, his skills are in demand, He’s quick with his wand, his powers do fizz, Making spells so strong, even the dark can’t resist.

His knowledge is vast, like a quiz he’s unrivaled, His intellect sharp, and never unraveled, In the world of business, he’s a master of biz, Making deals with ease, no one dares to quiz.

On the streets of the city, he’s a legend indeed, His reputation spreads, like a rumor’s seed, He’s swift on his feet, like the speed of the Riz, Outsmarting his foes, with a flick of his wrist.

In the realm of fantasy, he’s a character so neat, A hero in his own right, not one to be beat, His name is renowned, like the sound of the Tiz, And tales of his exploits, will always be in the Mizz.

With a flicker of his wand, he makes magic take flight, A whiz with his powers, he rules with all his might, In the world of sorcery, he’s like a wizarding wiz, With spells so powerful, even the sky he can frizz.

And though he’s a wizard, he’s human like the rest, With emotions and dreams, he always does his best, His name is known far and wide, like the beauty of Liz, For he’s a legend among legends, a master of the Gizz.