Words That Rhyme with Yale (100 Handpicked Rhymes & Phrases)

Welcome to this guide on the best words that rhyme with yale!

Here you’ll find the top 100 words and phrases for rhyming the word ‘yale’ in a poem or song lyrics.

You’ll also find some example lyrics that incorporate rhymes of the word yale.

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Words That Rhyme With Yale

  1. Bale
  2. Fail
  3. Hail
  4. Jail
  5. Mail
  6. Nail
  7. Pale
  8. Quail
  9. Rail
  10. Sail
  11. Tale
  12. Vale
  13. Whale
  14. Ail
  15. Braille
  16. Cocktail
  17. Detail
  18. Email
  19. Female
  20. Grail
  21. Holy grail
  22. Impale
  23. Jovial
  24. Kale
  25. Lowlife
  26. Male
  27. Nightingale
  28. On the trail
  29. Parade of sail
  30. Quayle
  31. Retail
  32. Scale
  33. Tattletale
  34. Uvula
  35. Vassal
  36. Wail
  37. Axial
  38. Befoul
  39. Collateral
  40. Devalue
  41. Easel
  42. Fascial
  43. Gravel
  44. Herbal
  45. Ideal
  46. Journal
  47. Kneel
  48. Laurel
  49. Manual
  50. Neural

Phrases That Rhyme With Yale

  1. A tale
  2. Beyond the pale
  3. Cast your sail
  4. Drink from the pail
  5. Exhale
  6. Find your trail
  7. Get the mail
  8. Hail to the chief
  9. In the jail
  10. Jump the rail
  11. Keep your veil
  12. Lift the veil
  13. Make a sale
  14. Nail and bail
  15. On the coattails
  16. Pay the bail
  17. Quail and kale
  18. Raise the veil
  19. Sail away
  20. Take a gale
  21. Unveil the tale
  22. Visit the vale
  23. Whale of a tale
  24. Excel and prevail
  25. Yell and wail
  26. Avail oneself
  27. Blow the whistle
  28. Curb the betrayal
  29. Dial and call
  30. Elicit a smile
  31. Fool’s holy grail
  32. Gravel and shale
  33. Heave and exhale
  34. Impale and prevail
  35. Join the detail
  36. Kneel and prevail
  37. Live to tell the tale
  38. Make the sale
  39. Nail the email
  40. Out of jail
  41. Prevail and unveil
  42. Quail on a kale
  43. Rail and trail
  44. Survive and prevail
  45. Tell your tale
  46. Unveil the veil
  47. Vail on a nail
  48. Whale in a pail
  49. Excel in detail
  50. You cannot fail

Example Poem/Song Using Yale

In New Haven, there’s a college grand, Whose name is known across the land, A place where bright minds set sail, And knowledge is gained at Yale.

The campus green and hallowed halls, Echo with the footsteps of many scholars, Who came to learn, to grow, to prevail, In the hallowed halls of Yale.

From the quaint town beyond the pale, They came to join the noble tale, To lift the veil of ignorance and unveil, The mysteries of the world at Yale.

They read and wrote and worked with zeal, To understand the truth that they feel, And as they studied, they never failed, To appreciate the wisdom of Yale.

They spoke of life and love and hope, Of art and science and how to cope, And as they did, they left a trail, Of knowledge and progress at Yale.

So here’s to the students of Yale, Whose hard work and dedication prevail, May they always find success and never fail, In their quest for knowledge at Yale.