Words That Rhyme with Yeti (100 Handpicked Rhymes & Phrases)

Welcome to this guide on the best words that rhyme with yeti!

Here you’ll find the top 100 words and phrases for rhyming the word ‘yeti’ in a poem or song lyrics.

You’ll also find some example lyrics that incorporate rhymes of the word yeti.

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Words That Rhyme With Yeti

  1. Betty
  2. Jetty
  3. Getti
  4. Fetti
  5. Spaghetti
  6. Serengeti
  7. Regretti
  8. Petey
  9. Sweaty
  10. Steady
  11. Ready
  12. Teddy
  13. Netti
  14. Confetti
  15. Debby
  16. Chevy
  17. Levy
  18. Heavy
  19. Bevy
  20. Peppy
  21. Zesty
  22. Feisty
  23. Vestry
  24. Destry
  25. Testy
  26. Nestle
  27. Wrestle
  28. Pestle
  29. Festive
  30. Vestige
  31. Agresti
  32. Arrestee
  33. Contestee
  34. Infestee
  35. Investee
  36. Protestee
  37. Requestee
  38. Subtestee
  39. Unrestee
  40. Chesty
  41. Pesty
  42. Bestie
  43. Restive
  44. Zestful
  45. Crested
  46. Sested
  47. Crestfallen
  48. Ingested
  49. Sugested
  50. Detested

Phrases That Rhyme With Yeti

  1. Heavy and sweaty
  2. Ready spaghetti
  3. Getti confetti
  4. Eddie and Betty
  5. Steady and ready
  6. Smelly and messy
  7. Jetty and petty
  8. Radiant and heady
  9. Teddy and Freddy
  10. Tense and unsteady
  11. Frenzy and frenetic
  12. Bevy of beauties
  13. In the Navy
  14. Levy and Chevy
  15. Peppy and zesty
  16. Sweaty and messy
  17. Queasy and restless
  18. Chesty and testy
  19. Pestle and nestle
  20. Festive and zestful
  21. Restive and aggressive
  22. Vestige of memory
  23. Agresti and crestfallen
  24. Detested and infested
  25. Investee and protestee
  26. Subtestee and contestee
  27. Bestie and restive
  28. Arrestee and requestee
  29. Digestive and suggestive
  30. Congestive and impressive
  31. Suggestive and protective
  32. Suppressive and defective
  33. Representative and competitive
  34. Aggressive and possessive
  35. Expressive and repressive
  36. Impressive and progressive
  37. Oppressive and regressive
  38. Aggressive and excessive
  39. Expressive and possessive
  40. Repressive and obsessive
  41. Regressive and depressive
  42. Progressive and aggressive
  43. Impressive and excessive
  44. Transgressive and aggressive
  45. Possessive and repressive
  46. Consecutive and representative
  47. Transgressive and obsessive
  48. Oppressive and repressive
  49. Progressive and possessive
  50. Regressive and possessive

Example Poem/Song Using Yeti

In the mountains, where snow never melts Lives a creature with fur like pelt Known to all as the great Yeti A legend whispered through the trees He’s heavy, hairy, and quite sweaty But his presence fills the air with ease

They say he feasts on spaghetti And enjoys a good game of confetti With his friends Eddie and Betty Who are always ready and steady

But when he’s angry, he’s quite testy And can make you feel quite chesty With his roar that’s loud and unsteady A sound that’s scary and frenzied

The locals in the nearby levy Know to stay away from this beastly Creature, who can be quite messy If you happen to make him too queasy

So if you ever find yourself ready To explore the land of the Yeti Remember to always be steady And respect this wild and hairy entity