Words That Rhyme with Zelda (100 Handpicked Rhymes & Phrases)

Welcome to this guide on the best words that rhyme with zelda!

Here you’ll find the top 100 words and phrases for rhyming the word ‘zelda’ in a poem or song lyrics.

You’ll also find some example lyrics that incorporate rhymes of the word zelda.

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Words That Rhyme With Zelda

  1. Smelda
  2. Hilda
  3. Kelda
  4. Welder
  5. Felda
  6. Velda
  7. Nelda
  8. Felder
  9. Gelda
  10. Yelda
  11. Gelder
  12. Telda
  13. Belda
  14. Pelda
  15. Heldar
  16. Heldor
  17. Elda
  18. Zelder
  19. Melda
  20. Selda
  21. Shelda
  22. Welda
  23. Velda
  24. Feltzer
  25. Feltner
  26. Feldkirch
  27. Helder
  28. Heldt
  29. Keldar
  30. Nelder
  31. Skelder
  32. Weldor
  33. Zeltzer
  34. Zeltner
  35. Veldkamp
  36. Zeltzer
  37. Veldman
  38. Helderman
  39. Feldmann
  40. Helden
  41. Zeltmann
  42. Zeldin
  43. Nelden
  44. Feldon
  45. Geldauf
  46. Heldmann
  47. Hildes
  48. Melder
  49. Neldner
  50. Weldon

Phrases That Rhyme With Zelda

  1. Belvedere
  2. Delta Delta
  3. Guelph Delta
  4. Chelsea Handler
  5. Delta Air
  6. Weld a Pair
  7. Seldon Square
  8. Telluride Welder
  9. Beltway Welder
  10. Belding Fielder
  11. Heldenfelds
  12. Zeldas and Helgas
  13. Zeldas and Neldas
  14. Zeldas and Sheldas
  15. Weld a Bender
  16. Zelda and Kelda
  17. Zelda and Hilda
  18. Zelda and Yelda
  19. Zelda and Nelda
  20. Zelda and Felder
  21. Zelda and Feldon
  22. Zelda and Elda
  23. Zelda and Gelder
  24. Zelda and Pelda
  25. Zelda and Skelda
  26. Zelda and Selda
  27. Zelda and Welda
  28. Zelda and Velda
  29. Zelda and Keldar
  30. Zelda and Heldar
  31. Zelda and Zeltzer
  32. Zelda and Veldkamp
  33. Zelda and Zeltner
  34. Zelda and Heldt
  35. Zelda and Feldmann
  36. Zelda and Neldner
  37. Zelda and Weldon
  38. Zelda and Melder
  39. Zelda and Gelda
  40. Zelda and Zeldin
  41. Zelda and Hilden
  42. Zelda and Helder
  43. Zelda and Heldor
  44. Zelda and Felda
  45. Zelda and Feldkirch
  46. Zelda and Zeltmann
  47. Zelda and Zelder
  48. Zelda and Zeltzer
  49. Zelda and Helderman
  50. Zelda and Feltner

Example Poem/Song Using Zelda

Zelda, the belle of the ball, Her charm was felt by one and all. Her smile, her laugh, her grace, her poise, Set her apart from other girls and boys.

She danced with Kelda, she danced with Hilda, She danced with Yelda, who was wilder. She held hands with Felder, and danced with Gelder, She even danced with Nelda, who was a welder.

Zelda loved her life, full of adventure and zest, She explored the world, and put herself to the test. From the Delta Delta to Guelph Delta, She traveled far and wide, without a single delta.

She met Chelsea Handler, who was a big fan, And they laughed and joked, like no one else can. Zelda also met the Beltway Welder, And together they welded a pair, making things better.

Zelda’s spirit was infectious, and spread like fire, She inspired those around her, to reach higher. And though her time on Earth was short, Her legacy lives on, in every welder and cohort.