50 Yamper Nicknames: Shockingly Punny

Written by Gabriel Cruz - Slang & Language Enthusiast

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Get ready to electrify your naming game with these 50 side-splittingly funny nicknames for Yamper, the adorable Electric-type Pokémon! With its electric pouches and boundless energy, Yamper is a bundle of joy, and it deserves a name that’s equally delightful. Whether you’re looking for puns, wordplay, or simply something that captures Yamper’s charming nature, you’ll find it here. Let the laughter and creativity spark as we dive into the world of Yamper nicknames!

Zapster Bunny

Meaning: Combining “zap” to represent its Electric type and “bunny” due to its rabbit-like appearance, this name is as cute as it is shocking!

Bolt Hopper

Meaning: Highlighting its ability to hop around energetically while discharging electric sparks, this name is both descriptive and amusing.

Jolt Jester

Meaning: Because Yamper’s antics and electric surprises can be quite amusing, making it the jester of your Pokémon team.

Thunder Paws

Meaning: Yamper’s paws are like thunderclaps when it runs, emphasizing its speed and electric nature.


Meaning: A clever blend of “bark” (like a dog’s bark) and “volt” (a unit of electric potential), perfectly suiting an electrifying Yamper.


Meaning: Yamper wags its tail enthusiastically, and “watt” adds an electric twist to its tail-wagging charm.


Meaning: Just like a sparkplug ignites an engine, Yamper’s electric pouches ignite your Pokémon battles with energy.

Zesty Zapper

Meaning: A zesty and energetic nickname that reflects Yamper’s lively and zappy personality.

Lightning Lap

Meaning: Because Yamper can run as fast as lightning, this name showcases its speed and electric abilities.

Buzz Bouncer

Meaning: Yamper bounces with enthusiasm, and “buzz” represents the electric buzz it brings to your team.

Sparky Sidekick

Meaning: Yamper is the ideal sidekick with its loyal and electrifying support in battles.

Joule Jester

Meaning: Named after the unit of energy “joule,” this nickname emphasizes Yamper’s electric nature and playful personality.

Thunder Tail

Meaning: Highlighting Yamper’s tail as a source of electric power, making it a thunderous companion.


Meaning: A blend of “watt” and “zap,” encapsulating the essence of Yamper’s electric prowess.

Voltage Vagabond

Meaning: Yamper loves to explore, and “voltage” reflects its electric abilities while “vagabond” adds a sense of adventure.

Electric Euphoria

Meaning: Yamper brings pure euphoria with its electric charm and cheerful demeanor.

Bolt Bouncer

Meaning: This name captures Yamper’s bouncy nature and electric energy, making it sound dynamic.

Shocking Shuffler

Meaning: Because Yamper shuffles around with its electrifying presence, creating a fun and catchy nickname.

Zigzag Zest

Meaning: Highlighting its zigzag movements and zestful personality, perfect for a lively Yamper.


Meaning: A playful fusion of “Pika” from Pikachu and “Pooch” from pooch, celebrating Yamper’s Pikachu-like cheeks and dog-like qualities.

Battery Buddy

Meaning: Yamper is like a trusty battery, always ready to provide an electric charge to your team.

Lightning Lark

Meaning: Reflecting its playful and lighthearted nature, with a nod to its electric abilities.

Zap Zoomer

Meaning: Because Yamper can zoom around at shocking speeds, making it a zippy companion.

Sparkling Skipper

Meaning: With its sparkling cheeks and skipping movements, this name suits a Yamper that brings joy.

Watt Whirlwind

Meaning: Yamper is like a whirlwind of electric energy, making this name both descriptive and amusing.

Electro Energizer

Meaning: Just like an energizer, Yamper keeps going and going with its electric vitality.


Meaning: Because Yamper loves to explore and often stumbles upon electrifying surprises.

Juiced-Up Jester

Meaning: Yamper is always juiced up with electric power, bringing joy and laughter to your team.

Sparky Sprinter

Meaning: Reflecting its lightning-fast sprints and electric attributes, making it sound dynamic.

Volt Voyage

Meaning: Yamper embarks on a voyage of electric discoveries, always shocking and surprising.

Buzzing Bouncer

Meaning: With its buzzing energy and bouncy demeanor, this nickname captures Yamper’s essence.

Watt Wag

Meaning: A playful name that combines “watt” and “wag,” showcasing Yamper’s electric tail-wagging charm.

Bolt Bolt

Meaning: A fun and catchy name that emphasizes Yamper’s lightning-like speed.


Meaning: Focusing on Yamper’s electric tail and its ability to generate sparks.


Meaning: A straightforward name that highlights Yamper’s zappy and electric nature.


Meaning: Combining “Electra” (a reference to electricity) and “hop” due to its bouncy movements.

Jolty Joker

Meaning: Because Yamper is a joker with its electric pranks and cheerful demeanor.

Thunder Tumble

Meaning: Yamper tumbles around energetically, creating thunderous sounds of playfulness.

Buzz Brite

Meaning: A playful twist on “buzz” and “bright,” symbolizing Yamper’s electrifying brightness.

Shocking Skip

Meaning: Yamper’s skipping movements are electrifying and full of surprises, just like this name.

Zestful Zapper

Meaning: Capturing Yamper’s zestful and zappy personality in a catchy and playful way.

Watt Whiz

Meaning: Because Yamper is a whiz with electric moves and always ready to amaze.

Electro Explorer

Meaning: Yamper is an intrepid explorer of electric wonders, making it a fitting moniker.

Bolt Buddy

Meaning: Your trusted buddy in shocking and electrifying adventures!

Sparky Scurry

Meaning: Emphasizing its quick and lively movements, full of sparks and surprises.

Zigzag Zing

Meaning: Because Yamper’s zigzag dashes are full of zing and energy.

Electro Enigma

Meaning: A name that adds an air of mystery to Yamper’s electric charm.

Jolted Jester

Meaning: Highlighting its electrifying pranks and playful antics that bring joy to your team.

Thunder Ticker

Meaning: Just like a ticking clock, Yamper is always charged up and ready for action.

Buzzing Bounce

Meaning: Capturing the buzzing energy and bouncy spirit of your Yamper companion.

Watt Wonder

Meaning: A name that reflects the wonder and amazement that Yamper brings to your Pokémon journey.

Sparkling Sidekick

Meaning: Because Yamper is the perfect sidekick, always by your side with its sparkling personality.


Meaning: Combining “volt” and “magician” to showcase Yamper’s magical ability to create sparks.


Meaning: Yamper loves to explore and discover electrifying surprises in the world around it.

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