13 Action Verbs That Start With Y (Most Common)

Written by Gabriel Cruz - Slang & Language Enthusiast

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Are you curious about what some of the most common action verbs that start with Y are? Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find them all and see examples of how to use them.


Meaning: To chat, to talk persistently.


Example Sentence: Me and my best friend yakked about comic books all day.


Meaning: To talk without stopping for a long time.


Example Sentence: my boss yammered for hours about his gun collection.


Meaning: To pull out sharply.


Example Sentence: Joey yanked a part of his car from under the hood and he has no idea what he did.


Meaning: To talk annoyingly without stopping.


Example Sentence: James yapped on and on about his kids and how smart they are.


Meaning: To open your mouth widely and take a breath when you’re tired.


Example Sentence: Jimmy yawned during class today so loudly that the professor got scared.


Meaning: To desire something intensely.


Example Sentence: Bobby yearns for his family and hometown.


Meaning: To shout loudly, to raise your voice.


Example Sentence: Amanda yelled at me for being childish.


Meaning: To make a short cry, to talk annoyingly.


Example Sentence: My friend Annie always yelps about her life.


Meaning: To give up, to give in.


Example Sentence: We started playing basketball and George yielded after one game.


Meaning: To utter a short cry.


Example Sentence: After I scared Heather she yipped.


Meaning: To sing by changing the pitch of your voice swiftly from deep to high.


Example Sentence: We were in a good mood so we yodeled during class.


Meaning: To join together.


Example Sentence: My team yoked all of our plans and ideas and created our first project.


Meaning: To utter a long cry because of pain.

Example Sentence: My friend Tony got bit by a dog and was yowling in pain.

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