25+ Slang Words for Brother (And Other Related Slang)

slang for brother

Family is family. A brother is for life, including those with whom we’re not really biological siblings with. Listed below are slang words all over the world that can be used to substitute “brother,” both for those we share parents with, and those we consider our “brother from another mother.” Enjoy reading. Table of Contents Slang … Read more

100 British Slang Words for Hello: Unleash Your Inner Brit!

British Slang For Hello

1. Hiya Example: “Hiya, how are you doing?” 2. Alright? Example: “Alright? Fancy grabbing a pint later?” 3. ‘Ello Example: “‘Ello, mate! Long time no see.” 4. Hey Example: “Hey there, what’s new?” 5. Wotcha Example: “Wotcha, love! How’s your day been?” 6. How do? Example: “How do? Ready for some tea?” 7. Ey up … Read more

70s Slang Words and Sayings (243 Examples w/ Meanings)

1970s slang words and phrases

As the tides of culture ebbed and flowed in the 1970s, a vibrant lexicon of slang sprung from the heart of the decade, embedding itself deep within the roots of American English. An era known for disco, civil rights movements, and a colorful counterculture, the 1970s fashioned a linguistic tapestry that was every bit as … Read more

Slang Words for Car (and How to Use Them Correctly)

slang words for a car

Anything that’s important to pop culture will see the development of a whole vernacular of slang terms and phrases. Cars, which are frequently a status symbol, are no exception. If you’re wondering what other things you can call your car, you’ve found the right page. We’ll be discussing some slang words for car and car-related topics in … Read more