2 Collective Nouns for Hens

Hens are female chickens that can teach sounds to their offspring even while they are still eggs. Hens can distinguish up to 100 unique faces and know who the boss or their keeper is. So, what do we call a group of hens? We listed their collective nouns for you below!

Collective Nouns for Hens


  • (Meaning) Brood is a collective noun for animals, specifically birds. Therefore, a group of female chickens is called a brood. This word can also refer to a group of chicks.

  • Example 1: Can you check if the brood of hens laid eggs?

  • Example 2: Count every member of the brood of hens before closing their coop.


  • (Meaning) Flock is a general term used for a group of birds, so “flock” is used for a group of hens. Hens flock around their nests to protect their eggs and wait for them to hatch.

  • Example 1: Our flock of hens laid plenty of eggs this morning!

  • Example 2: We need to build a bigger coop for our flock of hens.

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