25 Action Verbs That Start With C (Most Common)

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Are you wondering what some of the most common action verbs that start with C are? Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find them all and see examples of how to use them.


Meaning: To speak or yell in order to grab someone’s attention; to contact someone using a phone.


Example Sentence: Bob called you earlier. Why didn’t you come


Meaning: To stop something, delete it, or make it invalid.


Example Sentence: The company canceled our project because it was too pricey.


Meaning: To gain someone’s attention.


Example Sentence: When I heard his album it captivated me.


Meaning: To imprison or take hold of someone, mostly by force.


Example Sentence: My grandfather was captured during the war.


Meaning: To have feelings for someone or something, mostly concern, love, and responsibility.


Example Sentence: Andrea told me he cared about me. It felt nice to hear that.


Meaning: To transport something or someone.


Example Sentence: Tony carried her in his arms to her house because she was hurt.


Meaning: To get a hold of something, or to capture it.


Example Sentence: If I throw you the ball, will you catch it?


Meaning: To stop doing something.


Example Sentence: Can you please cease with what you’re doing and listen to me?


Meaning: To become different in a way, or to replace one thing with another.


Example Sentence: Daniel really changed, he’s a new man.


Meaning: To run after someone or something, to pursue.


Example Sentence: This weird guy was chasing after me yesterday, but I managed to lose him.


Meaning: To talk with someone casually.


Example Sentence: I chatted with Ryan last night for 8 hours!


Meaning: To act in a dishonest way in order to win something or gain an advantage.


Example Sentence: My best friend cheated on his girlfriend.


Meaning: To scream joyfully in encouragement.


Example Sentence: James will be playing tonight, we’ll be cheering for him.


Meaning: To pick someone or something out of multiple options.


Example Sentence: I chose you because I fell in love with you!


Meaning: To make sure something isn’t dirty anymore.


Example Sentence: You have to clean your room before the guests come.


Meaning: To move upwards, mostly up a ladder, a mountain, or a slope.


Example Sentence: Randy’s dad climbed mountains when he was young.


Meaning: To hold on very tightly to someone or something.


Example Sentence: Nina was so scared she was clinging to her boyfriend the whole time.


Meaning: To gather something.


Example Sentence: I collected all of the volumes of my favorite comic book.


Meaning: To crash into something or someone, usually with a vehicle.


Example Sentence: We collided at full speed, but luckily we survived.


Meaning: To move in the direction of a goal, usually someone or something.


Example Sentence: You should come to my place later so we can prepare for the exam.



Meaning: To find similarities and differences between two (or more) things or people.


Example Sentence: He compared me to his ex yesterday so I got super angry at him.


Meaning: To be dissatisfied with something.


Example Sentence: We complained about the dish being too cold so they gave us free dessert.


Meaning: To prepare a meal.


Example Sentence: I cooked the most amazing dinner last night and John didn’t show up.


Meaning: To make something.


Example Sentence: Bryan created this new app and made tons of money.


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