25 Action Verbs That Start With F (Most Common)

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Are you curious about what some of the most common action verbs that start with F are? Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find them all and see examples of how to use them.


Meaning: To manufacture something, to create it.


Example Sentence: Phillip fabricated a lie about me so I confronted him about it.


Meaning: To start to disappear.


Example Sentence: All of our past memories will slowly fade away.


Meaning: To not succeed at something.


Example Sentence: Their newest song failed to chart.


Meaning: To unexpectedly drop down, often from a height.


Example Sentence: Nina fell down the stairs in front of everyone at work.


Meaning: To hesitate.


Example Sentence: Nina faltered for a moment when I asked her if she cheated on me.


Meaning: To daydream or to imagine.


Example Sentence: I keep fantasizing about going on a date with Sharon.


Meaning: To prefer one thing over another.


Example Sentence: She favors students that think for themselves rather than just study all day.


Meaning: To be afraid.


Example Sentence: She fears everyone that has more knowledge than her.


Meaning: To give food to someone.


Example Sentence: Honey, did you feed the kids?


Meaning: To sense something, either by touch or emotionally.


Example Sentence: Brie says that she feels a deep connection to Jason.


Meaning: To act in a way that isn’t how you really feel.


Example Sentence: Bobby always feigns ignorance at work.


Meaning: To go get something and bring it back.


Example Sentence: Can you run over to John’s place and fetch some sugar for me?


Meaning: To take part in a physical or verbal altercation.


Example Sentence: Me and George fought all morning, I think we might split up..


Meaning: To clean something up by removing impurities.


Example Sentence: You should filter your behavior in front of my parents a little bit.


Meaning: To finish doing something.


Example Sentence: Jeremy finalized his album this morning, can’t wait to hear it.


Meaning: To locate something or someone that was lost.


Example Sentence: We found Tina’s cat, she was hiding on top of a tree.


Meaning: To repair something.


Example Sentence: Can you fix my car, I can’t start it.


Meaning: To suddenly give off light.


Example Sentence: The other cars keep flashing their lights at me and I have no idea why.


Meaning: To compliment someone, to give them praise.


Example Sentence: Michael is always flattering me about my looks.


Meaning: To show off, to display something.


Example Sentence: Byron keeps flaunting his new Rolex watch.


Meaning: To run away from something.


Example Sentence: Andrew fled from the crazy football fans that were chasing him.


Meaning: To move through the air by using wings.


Example Sentence: This crazy bird flew right past my head and almost hit me.


Meaning: To concentrate on something.


Example Sentence: I focus on too many projects at once and mess everything up.


Meaning: To go after someone, to pursue them.


Example Sentence: Bobby keeps following me every day when I go to work, it’s super creepy.


Meaning: To turn something into ice, to turn it frozen.


Example Sentence: My car windows froze because of the low temperature this morning.


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