25 Action Verbs That Start With I (Most Common)

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Do you want to know what some of the most common action verbs that start with I are? Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find them all and see examples of how to use them.


Meaning: To perceive someone or something as perfect, ideal.


Example Sentence: I idealize my father because of all he did for us.


Meaning: To find out who or what someone or something is, to find out the identity.


Example Sentence: The police identified the robber quickly.


Meaning: To start something on fire, can also be used figuratively.


Example Sentence: We ignited the fire this morning.


Meaning: To avoid someone on purpose, to refuse to notice them.


Example Sentence: Why are you ignoring me?


Meaning: To create a mental image of something.


Example Sentence: We imagined the perfect life and now we want to make it a reality.


Meaning: To copy someone.


Example Sentence: Barbara is always imitating Cindy.


Meaning: To completely involve yourself in something.


Example Sentence: Thomas immersed himself in his work after his wife died.


Meaning: To prevent something or someone from moving.


Example Sentence: We immobilized our opponents easily.


Meaning: To weaken something.


Example Sentence: Wearing tight jeans impairs fertility.


Meaning: To share information with someone.


Example Sentence: Our teacher imparts life knowledge to us every day.


Meaning: To stop someone’s movement or progress.


Example Sentence: We impeded the assault of our enemies easily.


Meaning: To mimic the appearance and behavior of another person.


Example Sentence: Can you impersonate Elvis Presley?


Meaning: To start something, to put it into effect.


Example Sentence: The company implemented a new set of rules.


Meaning: To explode or collapse from inwards.


Example Sentence: Our team imploded after Melissa left.


Meaning: To beg someone or to plead.


Example Sentence: I implore you to stop behaving like a lunatic.


Meaning: To indirectly suggest something to someone.


Example Sentence: Andy was implying that Lucas was having an affair.


Meaning: To force something you want to be accepted somewhere.


Example Sentence: The coach imposed a new set of rules for the team, they are super strict!


Meaning: To do something that causes the admiration of others.


Example Sentence: Tony impressed me with his looks and intelligence.


Meaning: To make something better.


Example Sentence: our company improved the quality of the workplace significantly.


Meaning: To rile a group of people up to do something.


Example Sentence: The fans incited a riot at the baseball game earlier because their team lost.


Meaning: To make something larger, to grow in size.


Example Sentence: The store increased the number of clothes on sale because they were doing good business.


Meaning: To allow yourself to do something you enjoy a lot.


Example Sentence: Jesse says he loves burgers but doesn’t indulge in them often because he wants to be fit.


Meaning: To have an impact on someone or something.


Example Sentence: Nina influenced a lot of fashion designers with her style.


Meaning: To give people the desire to do something by following your example.


Example Sentence: 2pac inspired me to start rapping.


Meaning: To put your resources into something in order to get personal gain from it.


Example Sentence: Michael invested in cryptocurrency and now he lost it all.


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