25 Action Verbs That Start With L (Most Common)

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Do you want to know what some of the most common action verbs that start with L are? Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find them all and see examples of how to use them.


Meaning: To mark something, either by using a name or a symbol/sign.


Example Sentence: Daniel labeled all of them as bad people.


Meaning: To feel and display sorrow or grief.


Example Sentence: Trina lamented over the death of her boyfriend.


Meaning: To get something or to safely get to the ground after flying with a plane.


Example Sentence: The plane landed safely.


Meaning: To go on for an extended period of time.


Example Sentence: I hate stories that last forever, end it already!


Meaning: To express happiness and amusement with your voice and face.


Example Sentence: The entire room laughed at Jerry’s new haircut.


Meaning: To inspire others to follow you or in your footsteps.


Example Sentence: My boss told me I should lead the team.


Meaning: To let out liquid or a piece of information by accident or on purpose.


Example Sentence: Someone leaked the entire album online.


Meaning: To jump up from the ground.


Example Sentence: I leaped high into the air out of happiness.


Meaning: To get knowledge or new information.


Example Sentence: Victor learned a lot while studying abroad.


Meaning: To go away, to depart.


Example Sentence: Thomas left the country without saying goodbye to anyone.


Meaning: To borrow something to someone.


Example Sentence: Randy asked me to lend him some money.


Meaning: To reduce or to diminish.


Example Sentence: Me being incredibly pretty lessened the impact of my breakup with Brie.


Meaning: To allow.


Example Sentence: my boss won’t let me leave the office before him.


Meaning: To set someone or something free, to emancipate.


Example Sentence: We liberated our friends from the stress of looking for a new job by hiring them!


Meaning: To touch something with your tongue and make it wet.


Example Sentence: My dog loves to lick people.


Meaning: To say something that isn’t true.


Example Sentence: I can feel that Gina is lying to me.


Meaning: To raise something or someone up.


Example Sentence: Tony lifted me with one arm only!


Meaning: To enjoy something.


Example Sentence: Some people like rock music, but not me.


Meaning: To restrict.


Example Sentence: The store limited how many books a single person can purchase.


Meaning: To connect, to join together.


Example Sentence: We linked through a mutual acquaintance.


Meaning: To pay close attention to sounds, music, or what someone is saying.


Example Sentence: I always listen closely when my dad is talking.


Meaning: To find someone or something.


Example Sentence: The cops located Valerie’s corpse.


Meaning: To secure something, to close it


Example Sentence: They didn’t lock the house and now they are worried someone will break-in.


Meaning: To turn your eyes towards something or someone.


Example Sentence: Sean always looks at me like he’s in love with me.


Meaning: To feel a deep emotional attachment to a person or a thing


Example Sentence: Ian loves Christine, they are a match made in heaven.


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