25 Action Verbs That Start With M (Most Common)

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Do you want to know what some of the most common action verbs that start with M are? Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find them all and see examples of how to use them.


Meaning: To make something larger.


Example Sentence: We magnified the operations of our company by tenfold last year!.


Meaning: To try to keep a certain state of something.


Example Sentence: The cops tried maintaining peace between gang members, but couldn’t do it.


Meaning: To create something.


Example Sentence: Bobby made burgers for us for dinner.


Meaning: To control something, or influence it.


Example Sentence: Florence can manage her life perfectly.


Meaning: To move around skillfully.


Example Sentence: I can maneuver all of my life’s problems effortlessly.


Meaning: To control someone or something in a way that suits you.


Example Sentence: Tammyu manipulated Jeff into falling in love with her.


Meaning: To put a symbol or some sort of indication on something.


Example Sentence: Bryce marked everything for you clearly.


Meaning: To enter marriage with a partner legally and/or religiously.


Example Sentence: Gina is going to marry Kyle in 2 months!


Meaning: To pair up equally, to find an equal.


Example Sentence: Joey and Lisa matched on a dating app.


Meaning: To destroy something, make it ineffective.


Example Sentence: The firemen neutralized the fire successfully.


Meaning: To have purpose and importance.


Example Sentence: Being free means the world to George, he will never settle down.


Meaning: To come face-to-face with someone or something.


Example Sentence: Michael told me how he met his long-lost brother by accident.


Meaning: To turn from solid to a liquid by using heat.


Example Sentence: I feel like I will melt if we go to the beach.


Meaning: To talk about someone or something in passing.


Example Sentence: Did the boss mention we will be working on this together?


Meaning: To bring together, to become one.


Example Sentence: The companies merged and now they will do better business.


Meaning: To copy someone closely.


Example Sentence: Kendra keeps mimicking other people constantly.


Meaning: To participate with other people at a social event like a party.


Example Sentence: Me and Jerry mingled for a bit with other people at the party and left soon.


Meaning: To make something smaller or less relevant, to shrink it.


Example Sentence: We need to find a way to minimize the negative impact of climate change.


Meaning: To fail to hit the target.


Example Sentence: Donna missed her plane to New York.


Meaning: To not understand something correctly.


Example Sentence: Helen always misunderstands everything.



Meaning: To combine two or more things together.


Example Sentence: Frank knows how to mix perfect cocktails.


Meaning: To make fun of something.


Example Sentence: My friends mocked my new girlfriend.


Meaning: To make a change in something.


Example Sentence: The new boss modified or documents quite a bit.


Meaning: To inspire someone to do something.


Example Sentence: Dina always motivates me to be a better person.


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