25 Action Verbs That Start With O (Most Common)

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Are you wondering what some of the most common action verbs that start with O are? Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find them all and see examples of how to use them.


Meaning: To listen to someone’s orders and carry them out.


Example Sentence: I want my dog to obey me all the time.


Meaning: To argue against something that someone said.


Example Sentence: Dennis objects to everything I say because he’s jealous of me.


Meaning: To completely destroy something or someone.


Example Sentence: our boss swears he will obliterate any company that goes against us.


Meaning: To hide something from sight, to make it harder to see.


Example Sentence: Sylvia is obscured in our class photo, it’s hard to see her.


Meaning: To watch something or someone.


Example Sentence: Bobby observed us at work all day today to get used to his new workplace.


Meaning: To think about someone or something very hard.


Example Sentence: Gina has been obsessing about Thomas for years.


Meaning: To acquire something.


Example Sentence: The police obtained evidence that will allow them to catch the perpetrator.


Meaning: To happen.


Example Sentence: A tragedy occurred in my hometown 5 years ago.


Meaning: To hurt someone’s feelings by something you said.


Example Sentence: I don’t want to offend anyone but that is incredibly hard.


Meaning: To give someone something that they can accept or reject.


Example Sentence: My boss offered me a raise.


Meaning: To leave something out.


Example Sentence: We had to omit important clauses from the contract.


Meaning: To make something or someone no longer closed.


Example Sentence: George won’t open the car doors for me, he thinks it’s fun.


Meaning: To be against something or someone.


Example Sentence: The lawyer opposed the judge fiercely.


Meaning: To make something into the best that it can be.


Example Sentence: my brother can optimize your computer so it works faster.


Meaning: To arrange an elaborate plan in order to achieve a result.


Example Sentence: The group of thieves orchestrated the perfect robbery.


Meaning: To arrange something in a way that is orderly.


Example Sentence: Cindy organized all of our photos.


Meaning: To start.


Example Sentence: My love for Japanese cartoons originated when my dad showed me Voltron.


Meaning: To grow too big for something.


Example Sentence: Michael outgrew all of his friends.


Meaning: To be better than someone in something by using your wits and intelligence.


Example Sentence: Lenny was outsmarted by the other contestants in the game show.


Meaning: To prevail in something despite adversity.


Example Sentence: Kelly overcame a lot of hardships.


Meaning: To cook something for too long, longer than necessary.


Example Sentence: My dad overcooked the meat, so now it’s burnt.


Meaning: To flow over the top of something.


Example Sentence: Water was overflowing everywhere from our company bathroom today.


Meaning: To dominate someone or something because of superior power.


Example Sentence: My boss overpowered our rival companies with good business.


Meaning: To have a debt you need to pay someone.


Example Sentence: Nina owes me money.


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