25 Action Verbs That Start With T (Most Common)

So, you want to know what some of the most common action verbs that start with T are? Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find them all and see examples of how to use them.


Meaning: To deal with an issue or a problem.


Example Sentence: Lucy will tackle any problem without thinking about it.


Meaning: To make something according to specific needs or specifications.


Example Sentence: The company tailored its training program so it helps everyone.


Meaning: To claim something as your own, to bring it into your possession.


Example Sentence: Mikey will take your jacket and put it on a hanger, you just relax.


Meaning: To speak.


Example Sentence: Bobby talked to Helen yesterday, finally!


Meaning: To try to domesticate an animal.


Example Sentence: When he was younger, Henry tamed a fox.


Meaning: To educate someone.


Example Sentence: my boss is constantly teaching us new stuff we can use while working.


Meaning: To lure somebody with something.


Example Sentence: Johnny is always tempting me with the food he cooks, it all looks so good.


Meaning: To stop something.


Example Sentence: The company decided to terminate our division.


Meaning: To conduct a study, to see if someone has the necessary knowledge.


Example Sentence: Gina tested my musical knowledge last night, I did good!


Meaning: To come up with something, to be in thought.


Example Sentence: Whenever Julia is thinking she makes the cutest face.


Meaning: To pose a danger to somebody, most often verbally.


Example Sentence: My neighbor threatened me because of my dog, he said I should keep him inside.


Meaning: To do well in something, or in general.


Example Sentence: I’m so happy because me and my friends are thriving in life.


Meaning: To toss something to someone or into the air.


Example Sentence: James wanted to throw the bottle at Grant’s face last night but I stopped him.


Meaning: To fasten things together.


Example Sentence: Did you tie the knot as I showed you?


Meaning: To allow something to happen.


Example Sentence: The boss keeps tolerating Tommy coming in late every day, but not for long.


Meaning: To feel something using your hand.


Example Sentence: Joey touched the stove today and burned himself.


Meaning: To exchange something.


Example Sentence: We traded our collectible cards with each other.


Meaning: To coach someone, to instruct and guide them.


Example Sentence: I trained my body all day yesterday.


Meaning: To move something to a different place.


Example Sentence: Johnny transferred schools when he was young.


Meaning: To change into a different form, into something else.


Example Sentence: I can transform into a different person in front of people I don’t like.


Meaning: To convert something from one language to another.


Example Sentence: Lucas translated the book for me.


Meaning: To catch someone or something.


Example Sentence: The hunters trapped the wild bear that kept killing bunnies.


Meaning: To cause something to happen.


Example Sentence: Lisa was triggered by John’s statements.


Meaning: To give your best to do something.


Example Sentence: I tried working there but it was awful.


Meaning: To make small adjustments to something to make it better.


Example Sentence: They tweaked my car so it works so much better now.


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