25 Verbs That Start With A (Most Common)

If you want to know what some of the most common verbs that start with A are, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find them all and see examples of how to use them.


Meaning: To leave something behind, either on purpose or by forgetting it.


Example Sentence: My dad abandoned me when I was a kid.


Meaning: To use a shorter form of a word but keep the same meaning.


Example Sentence: You can abbreviate “crazy” into “cray”!


Meaning: To take in something, assimilate or consume.


Example Sentence: The water absorbs the flour when you make pizza dough.


Meaning: To willingly agree upon an idea or take something given to you.


Example Sentence: I accepted her gift, although I don’t like her.


Meaning: To edit something to make it more suitable.


Example Sentence: I adjusted my tie so now it fits better with my suit.


Meaning: To approve and look up to something or someone because of a specific trait or ability.


Example Sentence: I really admire athletes.


Meaning: To love someone or something very much.


Example Sentence: I adore my girlfriend, she’s amazing.


Meaning: To have the same views and opinions as someone.


Example Sentence: I agree with Howard when it comes to the war in Ukraine.


Meaning: To give permission about something.


Example Sentence: I allowed Jimmy to skip school today because he didn’t study.


Meaning: To act in a way that is entertaining to other people.


Example Sentence: I was amused by Jimmi’s jokes yesterday, he’s funny.


Meaning: To observe something methodically, often from an expert’s standpoint.


Example Sentence: I analyzed the movie with my friends and we think it is well made.


Meaning: To make something publicly known.


Example Sentence: I announced our wedding to my parents, and they weren’t happy.


Meaning: To give someone a reply to their question.


Example Sentence: I answered all of the questions correctly, I should get a good grade.


Meaning: To expect something that should happen in the future.


Example Sentence: I am very much anticipating the new Thor movie.


Meaning: To make a formal request about something.


Example Sentence: I applied for that work position.


Meaning: To have a verbal disagreement with someone.


Example Sentence: Me and James argued about which school our kids should go to.


Meaning: To reach a destination.


Example Sentence: We arrived in New York, can you come to pick us up?


Meaning: To show inquire about something in hopes of getting an answer.


Example Sentence: I asked her about her relationship with Tom and she didn’t want to reply.


Meaning: To attack someone physically.


Example Sentence: Gina was assaulted by two girls last night!


Meaning: To provide help to someone.


Example Sentence: Becky assisted me with my presentation.


Meaning: To believe something to be true without having proof.


Example Sentence: I assumed Jim and Lisa were married.


Meaning: To try to do something.


Example Sentence: I attempted to play basketball but I wasn’t good at it.


Meaning: To be present somewhere, like an event.


Example Sentence: James attended the party last night, he said it was fun.


Meaning: To stay away from something or someone.


Example Sentence: I avoided meeting Luke last night, I don’t want to talk to him.

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