25 Verbs That Start With J (Most Common)

Written by Gabriel Cruz - Slang & Language Enthusiast

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So, you’re wondering what some of the most common verbs that start with J are? Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find them all and see examples of how to use them.


Meaning: To poke, nudge, thrust, sometimes with a fist.


Example Sentence: He jabbed at me while we were having an argument.


Meaning: To lock somebody up.


Example Sentence: They jailed him for three months because of a robbery attempt.


Meaning: To shove something really hard, to the point that it gets stuck.


Example Sentence: He jammed his pencil into the table.


Meaning: To walk across the street but not use a crosswalk.


Example Sentence: We were jaywalking and a police officer gave us a ticket.


Meaning: To make something fancy, to dress it up.


Example Sentence: We jazzed up our living room in preparation for the party.


Meaning: To put something or somebody in danger.


Example Sentence: You jeopardized my life by driving so fast!


Meaning: To push, pull or move something suddenly.


Example Sentence: He jerked the door knob until he managed to open the door.


Meaning: To travel quickly by aircraft.


Example Sentence: The plane jetted through the sky extremely fast.


Meaning: To move around in small, quick movements.


Example Sentence: The pudding is jiggling seductively, I can’t wait to eat it.


Meaning: To reject someone or treat them badly, most often a lover.


Example Sentence: Catherine was crushed when Tommy jilted her.


Meaning: To create a sound with small bells.


Example Sentence: We decorated our car with bells, so it jingles when we drive around.


Meaning: To bring bad luck.


Example Sentence: Tina jinxed me and now I keep failing my exams.


Meaning: To run recreationally, or to give someone a hint.


Example Sentence: I was jogging for 5 miles this morning.


Meaning: To connect together.


Example Sentence: We all joined hands during the concert.


Meaning: To say or do something funny.


Example Sentence: Jim was joking around all morning at work today.


Meaning: To write something down quickly.


Example Sentence: I jotted my number on a piece of paper and gave it to her


Meaning: To write down your thoughts and observations about things.


Example Sentence: We journaled our entire journey in great detail.


Meaning: To travel.


Example Sentence: We journeyed all across South America over the summer.


Meaning: To form an opinion on something.


Example Sentence: I kept judging people before I knew them when I was younger.


Meaning: To manage multiple tasks simultaneously.


Example Sentence: Brie is successfully juggling her two jobs, a kid, and college.


Meaning: To draw liquid out of something.


Example Sentence: I juiced those oranges for you, you should drink it.


Meaning: To mix stuff up, to confuse something.


Example Sentence: Amy jumbled the names of all the volunteers and now we have no idea who’s who.


Meaning: To leap or bounce into the air


Example Sentence: I jumped from one roof to the other, it was really scary!


Meaning: To prove to be right for something, or reasonable.


Example Sentence: Mike really justified our trust in him when we hired him.


Meaning: To put two things next to each other in order to compare them and showcase their differences.


Example Sentence: When you juxtapose my life next to his, mine looks awful.


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