25 Verbs That Start With K (Most Common)

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Do you want to know what some of the most common verbs that start with K are? Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find them all and see examples of how to use them.


Meaning: To use a kayak boat to travel over a body of water.


Example Sentence: We kayaked through the nearby river yesterday, it was fun.


Meaning: To fall over or to collapse.


Example Sentence: Our boat won’t keel over even when the wind is strong.


Meaning: To lament loudly over a tragedy, most often someone’s death.


Example Sentence: My dad suddenly collapsed and we keened over his body while waiting for the ambulance.


Meaning: To hold something for a period of time, to retain it.


Example Sentence: Can you keep my car keys at your place?


Meaning: To know someone or something.


Example Sentence: Do you ken anyone that could help me with my problems?


Meaning: To intentionally damage something by scratching it with a key.


Example Sentence: Laura keyed her ex-boyfriend’s car.


Meaning: To hit someone or something with your foot.


Example Sentence: Larry kicked Joe in the face last night, he was bleeding!


Meaning: To tease or joke around lightheartedly.


Example Sentence: Don’t be mad, I’m kidding!


Meaning: To take a person away against their will.


Example Sentence: Terrorists kidnapped the president’s daughter!


Meaning: To cause someone to die.


Example Sentence: Mike killed a man when he was young and now he can’t get a job.


Meaning: To start a fire or a flame.


Example Sentence: We kindled a bonfire and sat around it while talking all night


Meaning: To bend or twist something.


Example Sentence: Our water hose kinked all of a sudden and splashed water all over us.


Meaning: To sleep somewhere that is not your house.


Example Sentence: I’ll sleep on the sofa tonight, and you can kip on my bed.


Meaning: To touch lips with another person.


Example Sentence: Brandon kissed me last night! I’m so happy!


Meaning: To provide someone with the needed tools and equipment for the situation.


Example Sentence: Now that we are all kitted out in life jackets we can start!


Meaning: To work something with your hands by massaging it, mostly dough for bread.


Example Sentence: Did you knead the dough for our pizza?


Meaning: To rest on your knees.


Example Sentence: Why did you kneel in front of Jerry last night?


Meaning: To stab someone with a knife or a sharp object.


Example Sentence: I can’t believe that guy was knifed to death at the club yesterday.


Meaning: To give someone the rank of knight.


Example Sentence: Sean was knighted for his contribution to the world of art.


Meaning: To make clothes out of wool with two long needles.


Example Sentence: I knitted the perfect sweater for you!


Meaning: To repeatedly hit something (a door) to make a noise.


Example Sentence: When you get to my house, just knock on the door lightly.



Meaning: To tie a rope or a ribbon securely.


Example Sentence: We knotted the rope strongly so he can’t escape.


Meaning: To have knowledge about or be familiar with something.


Example Sentence: I know a lot about Hollywood films from the 1980s.


Meaning: To strike using your knuckles


Example Sentence: Michael knuckled James down while everyone was watching.


Meaning: To act subserviently to someone.


Example Sentence: Carol kowtows to our boss constantly.


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