25 Verbs That Start With L (Most Common)

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Are you wondering what some of the most common verbs that start with L are? Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find them all and see examples of how to use them.


Meaning: To mark something, either by using a name or a symbol/sign.


Example Sentence: I labeled all of the boxes with clothes in them so we can sell them.


Meaning: To feel and display sorrow or grief.


Example Sentence: We lamented over the loss of our good friend.


Meaning: To get something or to safely get to the ground after flying with a plane.


Example Sentence: We landed amazing seats for tonight’s NBA game.


Meaning: To go on for an extended period of time.


Example Sentence: This movie lasts forever!


Meaning: To express happiness and amusement with your voice and face.


Example Sentence: We laughed so hard at Vinny’s jokes last night, he’s hilarious.


Meaning: To inspire others to follow you or in your footsteps.


Example Sentence: Janice really knows how to lead a team.


Meaning: To let out liquid or a piece of information by accident or on purpose.


Example Sentence: Brandon leaked all of the super-secret info about our movie.


Meaning: To jump up from the ground.


Example Sentence: Michelle saw a rat, got so scared and she leaped super high like a frog.


Meaning: To get knowledge or new information.


Example Sentence: I learned a lot while listening to my new professor speak.


Meaning: To go away, to depart.


Example Sentence: I left my hometown before graduating, I just couldn’t take it anymore.


Meaning: To borrow something to someone.


Example Sentence: hey, can you lend me some money?


Meaning: To reduce or to diminish.


Example Sentence: I fell from my bike but I was wearing a helmet that lessened the impact.


Meaning: To allow.


Example Sentence: I hate talking to Anita because she never lets me finish my sentence.


Meaning: To set someone or something free, to emancipate.


Example Sentence: Once I passed all my exams I was liberated from all of the stress.


Meaning: To touch something with your tongue and make it wet.


Example Sentence: Do you lick or bite your ice cream?


Meaning: To say something that isn’t true.


Example Sentence: Michael is constantly lying to me.


Meaning: To raise something or someone up.


Example Sentence: I lifted Anna in the air using only one arm!


Meaning: To enjoy something.


Example Sentence: I used to like anime, but now I only watch regular TV shows.


Meaning: To restrict.


Example Sentence: We limited the number of sneakers a single person can buy.


Meaning: To connect, to join together.


Example Sentence: Me and Lisa linked over a dating app and fell in love.


Meaning: To pay close attention to sounds, music, or what someone is saying.


Example Sentence: Mark never listened to me so we broke up.


Meaning: To find someone or something.


Example Sentence: We located Jennie’s brother after he got lost.


Meaning: To secure something, to close it


Example Sentence: We locked the house so I have no idea how the burglars managed to come in.


Meaning: To turn your eyes towards something or someone.


Example Sentence: When Alyssa looks at me I lose my mind.


Meaning: To feel a deep emotional attachment to a person or a thing


Example Sentence: I really love Thomas, I hope we stay together forever.


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