25 Verbs That Start With M (Most Common)

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So, you’re wondering what some of the most common verbs that start with M are? Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find them all and see examples of how to use them.


Meaning: To make something larger.


Example Sentence: Gina magnified the gravity of the situation by panicking!.


Meaning: To try to keep a certain state of something.


Example Sentence: We tried maintaining peace between our parents, but they always fight.


Meaning: To create something.


Example Sentence: I made myself a pizza for lunch.


Meaning: To control something, or influence it.


Example Sentence: Can you manage the store while I’m gone for a few hours?


Meaning: To move around skillfully.


Example Sentence: Jesse maneuvered around those parked cars like a pro driver.


Meaning: To control someone or something in a way that suits you.


Example Sentence: Why did you manipulate me into thinking you’re innocent?


Meaning: To put a symbol or some sort of indication on something.


Example Sentence: I marked which seat is yours clearly


Meaning: To enter marriage with a partner legally and/or religiously.


Example Sentence: I’m going to marry Leonard this summer!


Meaning: To pair up equally, to find an equal.


Example Sentence: I matched with a cute guy on Tinder earlier!


Meaning: To destroy something, make it ineffective.


Example Sentence: We neutralized the threat, so there should be no issues from now on.


Meaning: To have purpose and importance.


Example Sentence: Basketball means everything to me.


Meaning: To come face-to-face with someone or something.


Example Sentence: I still remember the day I met my wife…


Meaning: To turn from solid to a liquid by using heat.


Example Sentence: My car will melt if it stays outside in this heat.


Meaning: To talk about someone or something in passing.


Example Sentence: I mentioned how I disliked olives, right?


Meaning: To bring together, to become one.


Example Sentence: Me and Jamie are so close we might merge someday.


Meaning: To copy someone closely.


Example Sentence: Sharon mimics everything I do, she even buys the same clothes!


Meaning: To participate with other people at a social event like a party.


Example Sentence: The party last night was cool, I mingled for a bit.


Meaning: To make something smaller or less relevant, to shrink it.


Example Sentence: Becky minimized the damage your speech had on our company somehow.


Meaning: To fail to hit the target.


Example Sentence: We missed our plane to get back home, now we have to wait.


Meaning: To not understand something correctly.


Example Sentence: Tommy completely misunderstood what I was saying.



Meaning: To combine two or more things together.


Example Sentence: Can you mix the drinks for our guests? I’m making the food.


Meaning: To make fun of something.


Example Sentence: They mocked my son’s clothes at school again.


Meaning: To make a change in something.


Example Sentence: We modified your computer a bit, it works much better now.


Meaning: To inspire someone to do something.


Example Sentence: Your speech motivated me to become a better person.


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