25 Verbs That Start With N (Most Common)

Do you want to know what some of the most common verbs that start with N are? Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find them all and see examples of how to use them.


Meaning: To annoy someone.


Example Sentence: Miles keeps nagging me to take him to the amusement park.


Meaning: To sleep for a short period of time.


Example Sentence: We napped through the entire afternoon, we were so tired.


Meaning: To tell a story.


Example Sentence: James narrated his entire life to me.


Meaning: To plan your course through something.


Example Sentence: I can navigate through life’s hardships easily


Meaning: To cause a thing to become necessary or required.


Example Sentence: My viewership was growing, which necessitated the hiring of more staff.


Meaning: To require something or someone.


Example Sentence: I needed medicine and Johnny went to get it for me.


Meaning: To prove that someone or something is false, or to make something ineffective.


Example Sentence: This medicine will negate the pain, at least for a bit.


Meaning: To not care about something or someone the way you’re supposed to.


Example Sentence: Melissa dumped her boyfriend because he was neglecting her.


Meaning: To try to reach an agreement with someone.


Example Sentence: I tried negotiating with my boss about a raise, but he wouldn’t hear it.


Meaning: To destroy something, make it ineffective.


Example Sentence: We neutralized the threat, so there should be no issues from now on.


Meaning: To take small bites out of something.


Example Sentence: Why are you nibbling on that piece of bread? Are you that hungry?


Meaning: To find a fault in someone or something in a petty, finicky manner.


Example Sentence: We watched a movie and he kept nitpicking about its quality, it was awful!


Meaning: To raise and lower the head quickly in agreement.


Example Sentence: I was nodding constantly while Tim was talking. He’s so smart.


Meaning: To appoint or name someone for a position.


Example Sentence: I nominated Kelly for class president. She’s the best fit for the role!


Meaning: To adjust so that something becomes the norm or standard.


Example Sentence: Can we normalize women wearing whatever they want without men commenting on it?


Meaning: To mark something, or to notice something.


Example Sentence: The detective noted all of the details about the case.


Meaning: To become aware of someone or something.


Example Sentence: I noticed that you have a new boyfriend? Since when?


Meaning: To inform someone about something, to make something known.


Example Sentence: James notified everyone about his wife’s pregnancy, he’s so excited


Meaning: To feed or to develop.


Example Sentence: We nourished the puppy until it was completely healthy.


Meaning: To give a gentle push as a signal about something.


Example Sentence: I nudged you in order to point you in the right direction.



Meaning: To cancel something or completely cancel its effectiveness.


Example Sentence: The effects of the drug will be nullified if you start smoking again.


Meaning: To cause the loss of feeling in something.


Example Sentence: I drink a lot of liquor because it numbs the pain.


Meaning: To give someone medical attention or care.


Example Sentence: Lisa nursed me back to health, she’s the best


Meaning: To encourage someone’s growth or development.


Example Sentence: They really nurtured me into the best possible basketball player back in my old club.


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