25 Verbs That Start With P (Most Common)

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Are you wondering what some of the most common verbs that start with P are? Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find them all and see examples of how to use them.


Meaning: To create an image by covering a surface with paint.


Example Sentence: Thomas painted an amazing mural yesterday.


Meaning: To take part in an activity.


Example Sentence: Did you participate in yesterday’s game?


Meaning: To stop something for a brief period of time.


Example Sentence: Can you pause the movie? I need to go to the bathroom.


Meaning: To give money for something, mostly goods or services.


Example Sentence: I had to pay a lot of money to get these sneakers.


Meaning: To see something in a specific way, or to notice something.


Example Sentence: Do you perceive me as a good person?


Meaning: To carry out your tasks and assignments.


Example Sentence: I performed well during the game last night, but I got fouled out.


Meaning: To allow.


Example Sentence: I cannot permit you to visit my sister, you hurt her.


Meaning: To stubbornly refuse to give up on something.


Example Sentence: I will persist until you start to see me as your rival!


Meaning: To convince a person to do something.


Example Sentence: I didn’t want to come to the party, but Larry persuaded me.


Meaning: To choose someone or something.


Example Sentence: I picked you for my team and you didn’t show up to the game.


Meaning: To establish a scheme to get something done or to achieve something.


Example Sentence: I planned out Lisa’s birthday surprise perfectly!


Meaning: To engage in a fun activity or game.


Example Sentence: Do you want to play a video game?


Meaning: To motion towards the direction of something, usually with your finger.


Example Sentence: Why are you pointing towards Phil constantly?


Meaning: To shower someone with compliments and approval.


Example Sentence: Melissa keeps praising her kid, she will spoil him.


Meaning: To ask for something from a higher being, or to thank them.


Example Sentence: I pray every night for my kids to be healthy.


Meaning: To like someone or something more than another.


Example Sentence: I prefer the new Top Gun movie to the old one.


Meaning: To make ready.


Example Sentence: Did you prepare for the first day of school tomorrow?


Meaning: To imitate or present yourself as someone you are not.


Example Sentence: Stop pretending to be successful, Jimmy.


Meaning: To keep something from happening.


Example Sentence: We really prevented a disaster last night!


Meaning: To move forward, either physically or with something you want to do.


Example Sentence: it is time to proceed with our plan.



Meaning: To guarantee that something will happen.


Example Sentence: I promise that I will become a better person.


Meaning: To defend someone or something from a threat.


Example Sentence: I will always protect my family.


Meaning: To show that something is true


Example Sentence: Can you prove that you weren’t with jenny last night?


Meaning: To obtain something by paying money for it.


Example Sentence: I purchased a new car yesterday, I love it.


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