25 Verbs That Start With R (Most Common)

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Are you wondering what some of the most common verbs that start with R are? Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find them all and see examples of how to use them.


Meaning: To engage in a competition of speed.


Example Sentence: I want to race Steve to prove my car is faster.


Meaning: To perform a surprise attack.


Example Sentence: The police raided his apartment.


Meaning: To fall from the clouds in the form of water droplets.


Example Sentence: It was raining so hard yesterday I couldn’t get to work.


Meaning: To speak or write aimlessly, with no order.


Example Sentence: Sometimes I just keep rambling for hours.


Meaning: To destroy something severely.


Example Sentence: We ravaged their city, they won’t fight back.


Meaning: To arrive somewhere, or to be able to stretch so far that you can touch something.


Example Sentence: We reached New York about an hour ago.


Meaning: To respond to someone or something.


Example Sentence: Sorry I reacted that way when I saw you.


Meaning: To understand the meaning of letters and be able to understand the message in them.


Example Sentence: I was reading a new book this morning but it wasn’t very good!


Meaning: To put things back into the correct order.


Example Sentence: Can you realign the photos on the wall? They look better that way.


Meaning: To cut or harvest.


Example Sentence: You reap what you sow.


Meaning: To come back into someone’s view.


Example Sentence: When Alyssa reappeared she looked completely different


Meaning: To turn off a device and then turn it on again.


Example Sentence: Can you reboot your computer, please?


Meaning: To remember something.


Example Sentence: I recalled our first meeting earlier, it was so nostalgic.


Meaning: To move back or diminish.


Example Sentence: Lebron’s hairline is receding!


Meaning: To give someone advice on a particular option in a field that interests them.


Example Sentence: Can you recommend me a good movie to watch tonight?


Meaning: To get back together.


Example Sentence: Lisa and Jerry finally reconciled, I’m so happy!


Meaning: To create a permanent file of something.


Example Sentence: I recorded my entire conversation with Jimmy.


Meaning: To get better after an illness or injury, to get back.


Example Sentence: Henry finally recovered from his illness so now he can get back to work.


Meaning: To reuse waste material and turn it into something new and useable.


Example Sentence: You need to recycle these old newspapers.


Meaning: To make a revision in the appearance of something.


Example Sentence: Jenna will redesign your living room, it should look much better then.



Meaning: To make something smaller, or to diminish it.


Example Sentence: My paycheck got reduced this month.


Meaning: To discard something or someone because you don’t need them.


Example Sentence: I asked Nina out and she rejected me!


Meaning: To take a break, to become less tense.


Example Sentence: I can’t wait to relax after work.


Meaning: To substitute a thing for a different one.


Example Sentence: I replaced my old TV with a new one!


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