25 Verbs That Start With T (Most Common)

Written by Gabriel Cruz - Slang & Language Enthusiast

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So, you’re wondering what some of the most common verbs that start with T are? Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find them all and see examples of how to use them.


Meaning: To deal with an issue or a problem.


Example Sentence: Mike tackled every assignment the boss threw at him easily.


Meaning: To make something according to specific needs or specifications.


Example Sentence: We tailored our training program exactly for people like you, with some knowledge.


Meaning: To claim something as your own, to bring it into your possession.


Example Sentence: I will take your coat just for tonight, it will suit me perfectly.


Meaning: To speak.


Example Sentence: I talked with Stephen about our divorce.


Meaning: To try to domesticate an animal.


Example Sentence: I know a friend who tamed a wild snake and made it his pet.


Meaning: To educate someone.


Example Sentence: Michael got a job at a school, he will be teaching math to first graders.


Meaning: To lure somebody with something.


Example Sentence: Quit tempting me with pizza, I’m not leaving the house tonight!


Meaning: To stop something.


Example Sentence: We had to terminate that project because our budget was too low.


Meaning: To conduct a study, to see if someone has the necessary knowledge.


Example Sentence: The company tested us on our driving skills today..


Meaning: To come up with something, to be in thought.


Example Sentence: I was thinking about last summer today, it was so much fun


Meaning: To pose a danger to somebody, most often verbally.


Example Sentence: Jimmy threatened to beat me up today, but I won’t let him.


Meaning: To do well in something, or in general.


Example Sentence: Damn, Lisa really has been thriving lately, good for her!


Meaning: To toss something to someone or into the air.


Example Sentence: Why did you throw the car keys toward my face?


Meaning: To fasten things together.


Example Sentence: We tied the knot securely, and our boat is safe.


Meaning: To allow something to happen.


Example Sentence: I am still tolerating your bad behavior, but not for long.


Meaning: To feel something using your hand.


Example Sentence: Michael touched my arm today, it felt so good.


Meaning: To exchange something.


Example Sentence: I traded my car for a different one and some cash.


Meaning: To coach someone, to instruct and guide them.


Example Sentence: Jeremy trained me for my big game, he does amazing work.


Meaning: To move something to a different place.


Example Sentence: We transferred the goods to a different warehouse.


Meaning: To change into a different form, into something else.


Example Sentence: Melissa transforms into a demon when she’s angry.


Meaning: To convert something from one language to another.


Example Sentence: Can you translate this text for me? I will pay you.


Meaning: To catch someone or something.


Example Sentence: We trapped a mouse that was living in our apartment.


Meaning: To cause something to happen.


Example Sentence: She triggered my PTSD with her behavior.


Meaning: To give your best to do something.


Example Sentence: Johnny tried helping Lisa, but he just couldn’t do it.


Meaning: To make small adjustments to something to make it better.


Example Sentence: We tweaked your PC so it should be much faster now.


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