25 Verbs That Start With V (Most Common)

Do you want to know what some of the most common verbs that start with V are? Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find them all and see examples of how to use them.


Meaning: To empty out.


Example Sentence: We vacated our house this morning, it was so sad.


Meaning: To administer a vaccine by injection or to take a vaccine/shot.


Example Sentence: We vaccinate all of the dogs that are up for adoption at our shelter.


Meaning: To confirm whether something is true or accurate.


Example Sentence: They validated all of my credentials before hiring me.


Meaning: To place importance on something or determine the worth of a thing or a person.


Example Sentence: I value good people.


Meaning: To destroy someone’s property.


Example Sentence: The kids living on our street vandalized my front yard.


Meaning: To disappear or become invisible.


Example Sentence: Have you heard from George? It’s like he vanished from the face of the Earth.


Meaning: To differ from something, mostly in performance.


Example Sentence: The results of our research vary based on the weather.


Meaning: To leap over something or someone.


Example Sentence: A car almost hit me but I managed to vault over it.


Meaning: To complain about something to make yourself feel better.


Example Sentence: I talked to Rachel and she vented for an hour about her husband.


Meaning: To expose something to air.


Example Sentence: I ventilated my room because it was super smelly.


Meaning: To proceed to do something that is risky.


Example Sentence: We ventured into this project without knowing much about streaming.


Meaning: To express something with words.


Example Sentence: Tina has a problem verbalizing her emotions..


Meaning: To confirm.


Example Sentence: We need to verify your ID before letting you into our club.


Meaning: To shake quickly.


Example Sentence: I couldn’t drive because my car started vibrating suddenly.


Meaning: To capture something in video format.


Example Sentence: Me and my husband love to videotape ourselves while making love.


Meaning: To look at something or someone.


Example Sentence: I viewed the new Thor trailer, it looks great!


Meaning: To show that someone is not guilty of something.


Example Sentence: We vindicated our client, hopefully, he can continue living normally now.


Meaning: To break an agreement or a law.


Example Sentence: Jessie violated our friendship when she slept with my ex-boyfriend.


Meaning: To go to see someone and spend time with them where they are staying.


Example Sentence: I visited my best friend last week, we had so much fun.


Meaning: To create a mental image of something.


Example Sentence: Can you visualize your perfect romantic partner?


Meaning: To express something using words.


Example Sentence: I voiced my concerns to my boss, but he never listens.


Meaning: To do something without being asked or getting a reward or approval.


Example Sentence: I volunteered to help out at my local animal shelter.


Meaning: To take part in an election


Example Sentence: I voted for my favorite candidate for mayor, I hope she wins!


Meaning: To confirm the value of someone or something.


Example Sentence: I vouched for you with my boss, you need to work well.


Meaning: To promise something.


Example Sentence: We vowed that we will get together if we are both single by 40.


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