4 Collective Nouns for Grapes

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Grapes are tiny fruits that have plenty of benefits. A handful of grapes contain enough vitamin K to meet the daily recommendation and its seeds are full of antioxidants that keep our bodies healthy. Grapes are sold in bunches, so what collective nouns should we use? Let’s find out below!

Collective Nouns for Grapes


  • (Meaning) A basket is used as storage for any kind of thing. It is easy to carry and can hold a lot. Therefore, we use the word “basket” as a collective noun for grapes, since grapes are also placed in baskets when harvested or transported.

  • Example 1: I bought a basket of grapes for your sick aunt.

  • Example 2: Can you buy a basket of grapes so we won’t run out? Thank you!


  • (Meaning) A bowl is used for many food items. Since grapes are round and can easily roll off a plate, a bowl is a perfect container for grapes. Therefore, we also use the word “bowl” as a collective noun for grapes.

  • Example 1: Fix me a bowl of grapes before leaving the kitchen, please.

  • Example 2: Do you want to eat a bowl of grapes today?


  • (Meaning) Bunch is a word that is used for a group of people or things that are like each other. Grapes are always in a bunch because they are held together by a branch. Therefore, we use bunch as a collective noun for grapes.

  • Example 1: I’ll only grab a bunch of grapes for our wine night.

  • Example 2: Can you check if a bunch of grapes is left in the fridge?


  • (Meaning) Like the word “bunch”, the word “cluster” is also used as a collective noun for a group, people, or things that are the same. Since grapes are always in a cluster, this word is one of the most common collective nouns to use.

  • Example 1: Is a cluster of grapes enough for six people?

  • Example 2: Do you need me to go to the grocery and get a cluster of grapes?

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